Final Preperation Days

It’s week 38 and I am only -3 centimeters.  Doctor thinks I should schedule a c-section around May 4, 2012, but we think differently.  Not to crazy about having a surgery again.  Had surgery with the twins and was in pain for weeks.  The twins are 20 months old and I need to have all the strength I can get to take care of them, plus Aurellia.  All about doing the VBACK.  I’m an all natural kind of girl and will make it all natural if possible.  Only in high risk situations will I change my mind.

Baby’s room is coming along now.  We have the bead board up and the walls painted.  Her room is lilac, white, and light gray colors.  I should have the stenciling all but finished by the end of the week.  We still need to finish her closet, paint doors, hang ceiling fan, and make her bed crown that will go above her crib.  I plan on painting pictures of bunnies either on window frames or glass frames to put up along both sides of her crib.  So there’s still lots left to do with only 2 to 3 weeks left.

I finished Aurellia’s hospital door hanger and her tutu for her newborn pictures.  So cute.

One of my twin boys seem to know there’s a baby in the belly.  The other just knows somethings up.  They have become very clingy in the past couple of weeks.  Probably has to do with a baby about to be here.

I am also going to try some natural ways to help go into labor that a friend told me to try today.  She uses a midwife and has had 6 successful natural births.  She suggest I try raspberry leaf tea, squats, and walking.  I also read a website about inducing labor naturally that I may try too.  I am going to try every thing I can to go into labor before I set any c-section dates.  Doctors can be so pushy sometimes.  It’s a money thing for them.  So pray that we have a successful natural birth.


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